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O Christmas Tree – 27 times over

O Christmas Tree

Dragooned for a Good Cause

Boy, do the Royal Canadian Dragoons know how to make someone feel special. A couple of young men dressed in scarlet uniforms and shiny brass helmets with black plumes called themselves to attention as guests arrived to the magnificent Rockcliffe Park mansion belonging to Sean and Jamilah Murray for Tuesday’s fundraising dinner with retired general Rick Hillier.

Students from Ashbury College took care of the coats while guests mingled near the cozy fireplace with drinks in hand. The evening was hosted by Mr. Murray of Sakto Corp. and luxury car dealer Jeff Mierins in support of the Royal Canadian Dragoons Guild.

The Dragoons is the senior armoured regiment in the Canadian Forces, and currently has soldiers in Afghanistan. The Guild helps to enhance the quality of life for the soldiers and families, whether that means supplying injured soldiers with comfort items (i.e. change of clothes, shaving kits) while they’re recovering in foreign hospitals or presenting to children a special teddy bear that comes with a recorded voice message from their parent serving overseas.

About 30 guests arrived immediately following the Let’s Debate It event at Ashbury College featuring Mr. Hillier as keynote speaker. Among those to enjoy the dinner catered by Erin Clatney’s Dish Catering were Grant McDonald of KPMG’s aerospace and defence industry practice, real estate agent Marilyn Wilson, and retired Lt. Col. Mark Hutchings from the Guild.

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