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Condo Scene: Getting away to Mont-Tremblant


Condo Scene: Marilyn Wilson explores condo options in Mont-Tremblant, a popular vacation spot for Ottawa residents.

OTTAWA — I often have clients who ask about Mont-Tremblant real estate. Due to its easy distance from Ottawa, Tremblant is a draw for families and couples looking to get away for a few days now and then.

The town offers a closer alternative to Muskoka, and owners/renters of getaway properties have the added advantage of mountainous activities in addition to those revolving around lakes. Now that we have arrived at the peak of summer, here’s a look at what Tremblant offers for those interested in exploring the possibility of a getaway condo.

The condo market in Tremblant differs somewhat from those in Ottawa and Toronto. A casual drive through various Ottawa neighbourhoods reveals several condos in progress, while downtown Toronto also has numerous new projects — frankly, these cities seem to have condos going up in droves.

The Tremblant market, on the other hand, is more about resale than new developments, says Jennifer McKeown, owner of Mont Tremblant Real Estate Inc., an exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. Overall, Tremblant’s rental market has been stronger than ever, and Multiple Listing Service reports condo sales are up four per cent in the last year. This does not mean that prices are necessarily up, but rather that more units are being sold.

The majority of Tremblant’s buyers and renters are from Montreal and Ottawa, says McKeown. This is likely due to the town’s proximity to these cities — an hour and a half by car to Montreal, slightly longer to Ottawa. And lately Tremblant has become even easier to reach. Porter Airlines has increased flights to Mont-Tremblant from cities including New York and Toronto.

While potential buyers are often aged 40 to 50, McKeown says recent condo buyers are of a younger generation.

“A new breed of buyer has emerged in Tremblant — the triathlete,” she adds, attributing this influx to the many triathlons that take place in the town. Tremblant has hosted regular Ironman races, and will host the 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

Tremblant’s condos range from $89,000 to $1.5 million, with an average MLS price in 2013 (from January to May) of $267,000. The average price during the same period last year was $275,000.

There are mostly resale properties, though a few new developments are being built, centred on golf courses. It’s important to consider that Tremblant’s oldest condos are relatively new, as the town was initially developed in 1993.

Despite its youth, Tremblant offers sophisticated recreation and dining. Restaurants such as sEb and La Petite Cachée are favourites of McKeown’s.

Although there are few newly built condos in Tremblant, the town offers a variety of housing and condo options. Whether a first time Tremblanter or a recurring fixture on the scene, be sure to check out vacation condos that include the many upscale hotels such as the luxurious Quintessence, where condos run between $425,000 and $925,000.

Investing in condo hotels allows you to have a continuous rental pool that is managed for you. In summing up the town’s essence, former resident and developer of Tremblant Bill Green says: “Tremblant is a celebration of Quebec — its people, its food, its architecture and its overall joie de vivre — in a beautiful natural setting with lakes and mountains.”

Consider a condo in Mont-Tremblant; you are sure to enjoy this family-oriented and activity-replete destination.

Marilyn Wilson has been selling real estate for more than 24 years and owns Marilyn Wilson Dream Properties Inc. Brokerage, an Exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. She can be reached through or follow her on Twitter@marilyn_wilson.

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