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The Dream Properties® Foundation

In addition to her record-breaking sales across the City, Wilson has contributed to Ottawa through founding and giving via the Dream Properties Foundation, which she created in 2010. The Foundation focuses on education, health initiatives and the arts.

“We’ve chosen causes that resonate with us,” Reba Wilson says, about the Dream Properties Foundation. “We really believe in the quality of amenities in Ottawa and we want to lend a hand in improving our community.”

Marilyn Wilson believes that as a business owner, she has a responsibility to be a community leader. That means her philanthropy goes beyond sponsorship. She and Reba volunteer their time and energy with various charities and philanthropic causes such as Dining with the Ambassadors (Marilyn) and Elmwood, School, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Ottawa Real Estate Board (Reba). Marilyn has always been a champion of philanthropic causes and was the pioneer real estate sponsor for Ashbury College and Elmwood School.